The Angry Video Game Nerd: Game Over 2

Take On Lord Gavin As The Angriest Gamer There Ever Was!


The long awaited sequel to the first Lord Gavin Game is here!


Lord Gavin has broken free of his bonds in the video game world! Join the Angry Video Game Nerd in his adventure to liberate all from Lord Gavin and save the world from his reign! Play through six intense levels, challenging enemies of all sorts with an array of powerful weapons! Polish your skills and see if you have what it takes to defeat the lord!


Created: November 20th, 2010

Last Updated: November 20th, 2010




Cheat Code Guide

Where You Can Almost Be As Good As The Lord

Here as some game cheats you can use while you play the game. For each of the cheat codes listed, a sound will activate whenever a code is entered correctly. These following codes can be entered in the "Cheat Code" menu on the Main Menu.


Cheat Effect

Cheat Code

God Mode TotallyCheating
Start with 500 Energies GiveMeMoreDamnIt
Never Lose Your Crest When You Die WhatsMineIsMine
Crest Select (Use Number Keys) LJNRainbow
Play As Sh*t Pickle InAPickle
Endless Lives LifeInsurance


Level Select Code:


When on the Main Menu Screen, press and hold the Right Arrow Key for a few seconds. Digits will appear above the "Game Start" button, where selecting one will take you to that level when you start playing.

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